The Kansas City Star-Kansan - Dated May 28th

The Kansas City Star-Kansan


Urban Brawl Star Found Dead

Kansas City Stars player Dario Risk was found dead this morning. The Kansas City Military Police Force are investigating his death as a possible homicide. The KCMPF has not released any details concerning the circumstances but sources close to the investigation report that he was found outside his home, barely clothed and holding a handgun.

Neighbors report not hearing any gun shots or seeing an suspicious activity near his eastern Johnson County home.

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Magical Power Festival Draws Protest

This year’s annual Magical Power Festival, located near the Hallmark Amphitheater, will again face resistance as several groups plan to protest the festival and its pro-magic position.

The annual festival that draws thousands of Awakened individuals from around the country, acts and a meeting group and convention for every aspect of the community. This includes a magical swap meet and training opportunity.

“The festival is a great networking opportunity for all of us. We are just sorry that those outside the community are so threaten by what we do.”, said event organizer Julio Cesar Catastrophe, leader of House Hezakia.

David Haglund, leader of Awakened Watch, an anti-magic grassroots watchdog group had this to say, “These people are not like us normal human, and they need to be collected up and placed into camps or something. We cannot allow them to go unchecked. This so called festival is simply a recruiting ground which will allow them to expand their numbers and cause farther harm to Kansas City”.

This is the festival’s seven year, and each of those seven have seen violence break out. The Kansas City Military Police Force plan to have an increased presents this year.

The Kansas City Star-Kansan - Dated May 28th

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