The Kansas City Star-Kansan - Dated June 4th

The Kansas City Star-Kansan


Summer heatwave arrives

The United Canadian & American States Weather Service reports that a summer heat wave is expected over the next two weeks. With temperatures over one hundred degrees and humility level of over ninety percent, dangerous heat levels are expected across the western states.

Expects warn individuals to stay inside cool areas and to check neighbors and to drink lots of water. If you need to be outside, take extra breaks in a shaded areas and continue to drink even more water.

For up to the moment weather conditions, check with WEBF Matrix site here

Foal Play Suspected in Nine Car pile-up

The Kansas City Military Police Force is investigating a death as a homicide coming from a multiply car pile-up at the Jackson Curve on eastbound I-70 yesterday. Eyewitnesses report seeing a car from the right hand lane cross the other two lanes of traffic, hitting other cars and cause a nine car pile up. Eastbound traffic was backed up to the I-29 interchange in downtown for three hours.

KCMPF Spoksman Case Berklee stated in a press conference that the driver of the first car died before the car accident. He would not provide any farther details but sources close to the case report that the victim may have been shot or poisoned, thus causing the lose of control of the car.

The homicide division released the name of the victim, one Daniel Falco of the Kansas City area. They would not provide any additional details regarding him.

The Kansas City Star-Kansan - Dated June 4th

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