The Kansas City Star-Kansan - Dated June 18th

The Kansas City Star-Kansan


Known Kingpin Arrested

Mobster kingpin and former hit man Robert “Bobby” Pesoli was arrested Thursday evening. KCMPF investigators, working for the FBI, charged Pesoli with racketing and money laundering charges. Sources close to the investigation indicate they are putting pressures on Pesoli to turn states evidence in return for protection.
The charges for this case include taking protection money for businesses throughout the Uniplex and using a telecom storefront in a local mall as the means to launder the money.
Pesoli is expected in court on Monday.

Plaza Security Forces Under Investigation

KCMPF spokesman Case Berklee announced today during a press conference that investigation were underway regarding the Plaza Security Forces and their handling a vagrant that wondered onto the Plaza during the early hours of June 10th. Berklee stated that there was unspecified evidence suggesting that security for the Plaza Corp took an unidentified man off of the Plaza property, beat him and left him for death. Berklee did say that in addition to the evidence, they were able to local the man, who is a local citizen and verified the evidence with the man’s statement.
The Plaza Corp issued this statement: “As always, we thank the Kansas City Military Police Force for their thankless efforts to investigate crime in the city; however the security forces of the Plaza Corp do not operate outside the holding of the Plaza itself and we do not treat any individual, welcome or unwelcome, in such a manner. The Plaza Corp has conducted and completed an investigation and found nothing to support these claims.”

The Kansas City Star-Kansan - Dated June 18th

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