The Kansas City Star-Kansan - Dated June 11th

The Kansas City Star-Kansan


BTL Dealer Convicted

A civic leader from Boxertown was convicted of four counts of trafficking Better Then Life chips today in Federal District Court. Hampus Grahn, head of the Boxertown Uplift Outreach program, was found guilty of two counts of Conspiracy to Sell Better Then Life technology, one count of Selling Better Then Life technology, and one count of Using A Firearm To Sell Better Then Life technology.

The seven week trial reached a peeked fury as members of the Boxertown community protested outside the Courthouse as the jury’s verdict was read. The Kansas City Military Police Force was on site to maintain the peace and ensure the safety of the Court goers.

The prosecuting attorney, assistant District Attorney Anthony Penia, stated the video evident presented showing Mister Grahn arranging the sale of two cases of the “Starfield” Better Then Life chips to the Boxertown Boys, the gang known to have the most control over Boxertown, was the key to their case and the lightning rod that won the case.

Kansas City’s Urban Brawl Team Makes the Playoffs

The Kansas City Stars, the Urban Brawl team, defeated the Detroit Mechanics in a close match. This is the first time the Stars have ever earned a trip to the post season.

The Stars will face the DeeCee Federals at Urban Brawl Field on the 22nd. Tickets are on sale here.

Heat Wave Continues

The Uniplex will see up to another week to ten days of temperatures over one hundred with very high humility holding above ninety percent. Health officials advise that if you don’t need to be outside, do not do so. The heat has already been blamed for four deaths and many heat stokes reported around the Uniplex.

The Kansas City Star-Kansan - Dated June 11th

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