The Kansas City Star-Kansan - Dated July 2rd

The Kansas City Star-Kansan


Mob Elements Attempt Break In of KC1 Jail

Members of the Pesoli Crime family were caught attempting a break in of the KC1 jail complex last evening.
Three known members of the Pesoli Crime family, including the nephew of kingpin Joe Pesoli, who is currently being held in the jail, were arreasted for attempted to illegally enter the visitor’s center in the early hours this morning. The three individuals were found trapped between two security system doors unable to escape.
Police officials, who asked to remain annomyous, believe the attempt may have been an effort to assassinate Joe Pesoli because the former head of the Pesoli Crime Family plans to assist the KCMPF in its investigation of mob activities in the Metroplex.

Police Close Illegal pet Shelter

KCMPF officers, while responding to a noise complain, discovered a residence in the Westport neiighborhood which housed more then fifty dogs and a similar numbers of cats. Through the Metroplex does not limit the number of animals an indivudual can own, there are strick regulartion regarding sanitary conditions that must be maintained in any residence containing more then six pets. The animals have been wrangled up and taken to the Metroplex’s official pet shelter for health evaluations and possible adoption. If you would like more details regaeding the possible adoption, click HERE.

The Kansas City Star-Kansan - Dated July 2rd

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