A Yet Unnamed Shadowrun Game

The Second Run

The Other Johnson's Commlink

Recap: The ‘Savoy’ Johnson asked the team to get the commlink for the Johnson that operates out of the back room for the A La Carte Cafe without causing him any harm.

Part One: Scouting it out.

The team starts by reach out to their contacts to find out about Aztechnology.

John Come-Lately reached out to his cop contact to get these three facts about Aztech

  1. The KCMPF once responded to an ‘all channels call for help’ from archology security and were fired upon and told their help wasn’t needed and to leave.
  2. Rumor of a mass grave just north of the archology, across the river was going around but the nothing solid was found or reported.
  3. The is a joke that floats around the cop shop that the police would be killed if they fired a weapon into the archology

Yul went astral and headed into the archology. Four astral entities moved on her right away and escorted her off.

John and Yul headed over to the location at lunch time to do see recon but found the door locked. After knocking, they headed around the building to investigate. While this is going on Digdug and Hydra were driving around the blocks (south of the archology) waiting for them. As John and Yul walked around the back, a Aztech security vehicle was sitting on the side street watching.

John and Yul came back for dinner when the place was open. The hostess stated that since they didn’t have a reservation, they would not be able to get a table. The a red phone on the pedestal blank and the hostess picked it up. After saying yes a couple of time, they told them that a table has become available. They enjoyed a lovely but expensive meal. During the meal, they noticed a server coming out of a room marked with a “Private Office” sign and they noticed the room had a dining table, not a desk in it.

Part 2 Planning

With this knowledge, it was decided the the party would all go to the restaurant, with Digdug and Hydra at the bar, near the office door and John and Yul at a table. They would watch for the serve to head back into the room, follow the individual in, and calmly get the commlink.. If they plan when well, they would just leave. In a worst case scenario, they would black a hole in the wall that leads out the private office onto the street in front of the restaurant.

Part 3 Execution

John and Yul get a reservation and a table, no problem. Digdug and Hydra encounter the same red phone but do end up at the bar. The witness a service doing the the Private Office door, only this time, they server is required to knock and a very thin man with sunken eyes opens the door. They go on the next time the server goes to the door. John is the first in and Hydra is the last. John hold a pistol to the face if the skinny gentleman. The Johnson asks the server woman to sit down. When she see the team, she does quietly. Hydra asks for the commlink. The Johnson speaks the skinny man, saying his name in English, William, and they say in Spanish, Do Not Do Anything. The Johnson then very slowly reaches into his suit jacket and pulls out the commlink, setting it on the table.


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